Easily identify patients at risk for hospital readmissions

Readmissions impact quality of life and represent a significant cost burden to the United States healthcare system. Medicare penalties assessed on hospitals for readmissions increased 25% to $528 million in 2017, and yet another 14% in 2018. 29% more hospitals face readmission penalties FY 2019. [2]

17-25% of HRRP discharged Medicare beneficiaries are rehospitalized within 30 days of discharge

One reason is because only 24% of patients had the reading skills to adequately comprehend their discharge summary or care plan. [3]

Automated engagement with your patients by way of our intuitive, visually illustrated app achieves exponentially improved levels of compliance specifically in the first 24-48 hours after discharge.

Easy To Use

User-friendly for all ages, intuitive interface. No complicated patient portal or login details to remember

Always On-Call

The Advanced Aftercare app provides telehealth, but more importantly reinforces care recommendations without the need for provider intervention by way of automated daily reminders for medication, upcoming appointments, and so much more.

Real-Time Feedback

Patients receive information on how to care for themselves, when to resume activities, what medication side effects to look out for, and how to get answers to questions. As a result, 73% of readmissions are prevented.

HCAHPS Scores Raised Through Higher Quality Process-Of-Care

Only 71% of patients surveyed highly rated their recent hospital experience. When process-of-care quality is high, improving the communication- focused dimension of the patient experience is 25% less expensive per 1% point increase in patient- experience scores than improving the response-focus dimension. Much the way email disrupted mail, our always-on approach offers unbeatable speed of delivery of help with easier explanation of procedures . Ratings will reflect this raised satisfaction.

Can An App Really Do Anything For Me?

The Advanced Aftercare app monitors care recommendation adherance. It encourages proper & timely interactivity with discharge instructions. Red flags are spelled out in simple understandable terms encouraging action when warranted. Best of all, there is no tax on your staff as it does all this (and more) intelligently, automatically.

Imagine if you will the impact the following will leverage toward your bottom line:

Measurable Value Based Purchasing Lift

Interactive & educational, the app untethers care staff to target man-hours less on the progressive and more upon the intensive clients, resulting in a 73% reduction of otherwise preventable readmissions

Simple Design, Powerful Impact

High-risk medication education, health warning sign surveys - it’s like having a personal trainer coaching the patient transfer progress.

Hospitalization Provider Alerts

Should the app determine specific non-compliance, or in the event of hospital readmission, your office is automatically notified details within minutes. Stop losing Medicare patients to others without your knowledge and opportunity for intervention. Smart!

Faster Efficiency

From optically-recognized automatic medication rectification to voice transcribed chat or notes. The real value in technology is when it speeds things along. The core goal of this app is to do just that for you without the learning curve. If it wasn't simple & self explanatory, we'd be doing things wrong.

Patients lacking timely PCP follow‐up were 10 times more likely to be readmitted

For some people, nothing really replaces face-to-face communication. The app offers various clear, easy to use channels for direct follow-up dialog. And while high-risk surgical patients benefit from integration most toward limiting readmissions, significant global improvement occurred with even such basic functionality as patients' knowledge of their key clinician for team-patient communication (31% versus 75%).

Don’t try to do it all yourself – let our automated expert solution help.

Will Advanced Aftercare sign a Business Associate Addendum as described in the HIPAA rules and regulations?

Yes. Advanced Aftercare LLC has a standard Business Associate Addendum (BAA) we present to customers for signature.

Fast Figures

• 73% (and improving) reduction in all-cause 30-day readmissions
• $2,140 saved for the average 30-day readmission avoided
• $3,432 for heart attack, $2,488 heart failure, $2,278 pneumonia
• Recommendations followed by incorporation into daily routine
• A more comprehensive picture of post-discharge events.
• Raised average hospital performance across clinical treatments
• Globally improved quality of care
• Automated patient engagement
• Easily identify patients at risk for hospital readmissions

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